ARPG 3-21

> Investigate the deeper ruins

“Hm… Alright. Let’s take a look down there then.” You give Faera a nod. “Dunno if we can really learn much, but if we find anything, we’ll let you two know.” You look over to Floria and the Elder.

“Yeah. If the Elder can translate any of this, maybe we can figure this out!” Floria nods back to you with a determined smile. It would seem she believes in this plan.

You gently pull Faera off to one side though, before you leave the room. “Alright, we’re gonna do this but…” You pause for a moment, thinking. “I’m not gonna just leave Floria alone with the old mouse. Ever since we arrived, he’s pushed this Sky Queen nonsense way too hard. I don’t trust him.”

“Hm… I suppose that I understand though…” Faera tilts her head a bit as she thinks. “I do not know if there really is too much that he would be able to do to Floria at this point. After all, I imagine that he would be hesitant to try anything else after what the amulet did. He likely would not want to cause any more reason for us to distrust him.”

“Eh, even so. Not taking chances.” You shake your head. After a moment, you come up with an idea. “Hm… Okay, I think I have an idea. Wait here for a moment.” Saying that, you leave the deergirl in the room. Heading back up to where you left them, you go find the three mouse brothers.

“You three, come with me.” You tell them. “I got a job for you.” You start leading them back down.

“A-ah? What is it, Miss Myla..?” Eli asks, though the three nod and follow.

“Just want you to keep an eye on Floria for me.” You explain as you go. “Me and Faera are gonna be going down into the unused sections of this place. I don’t really want to leave Floria alone with the Elder after the whole amulet incident.”

“O-oh! Of course!” Traz quickly nods. “We can do that. No problem!”

“Just do me a favor and ignore any dumb ideas Floria might try to do as well.” You decide to quickly add as you arrive back at the room with the others. You turn to Faera. “Here. These three can keep an eye on things.”

“More mice..?” The deergirl seems a bit confused. “I would have thought you were going to have me stay or something…”

“Eh, I trust these three. They’re dorks, but good dorks.” You shrug. Your compliment makes the three blush a little. “Besides, these three seem to think I’m the Sky Queen instead of Floria. I doubt they’ll try anything with her.”

“A-ah… I see.” Faera looks to you before letting out a sigh. “You too, then…”

“Eh?” You look at her for a moment before realizing what she means. “Wait… You found some who think you’re the Sky Queen? Urgh… This whole thing is kinda dumb. Not even the mice can agree on it…” You let out a frustrated sigh.

“Hm… It would seem so…” Faera looks at the three brothers for a moment. “Ah, it may be a good idea to have one or two of the mice with us. It is good to have ones at least somewhat familiar with the area.”

“Huh… Good plan.” You nod to her, turning to the three brothers. “Well, one should be good enough. The other two can stay here with Floria. Which one of you guys wants to come?”

“M-me!” Anid quickly raises his hand. “I-I’ll come with you! I’ve been down here before. U-um… Even in places I was not supposed to go… H-hehe…” He blushes a bit, as he reveals that bit.


“Sounds like you will be of good help then.” Faera nods to him before turning to you. “Shall we then?”

“Yeah, let’s go. C’mon, Anid.” You nod to them, and head off towards where one of the unused sections of the ruins starts. Anid happily follows you and Faera. Bringing the youngest brother may prove a bit troublesome, but you just shrug it off. You can’t deny how excited he was to come.

It doesn’t take long to reach one of the old doors. The deergirl touches the console next to it, and the heavy door slides open. Inside, you can immediately tell that this area is hardly used. The mice seem to keep the ruin very clean, but here, you can see years of dust built up on the floor and walls.

“Wait. What is that?” Faera immediately points down to the floor. “Footprints in the dust? Hm…” She takes a closer look. “They seem fairly old. It is hard to say how old though…”

“Yeah, but they’re definitely from the mice.” You shrug. “I figure they do occasionally come in here. Right, Anid?”

“Ah um…” He thinks for a moment. “I think the village guards sometimes come through. Just to check and make sure nothing found a way inside. And um… I have sometimes sneaked in to explore a bit… Maybe some others do too?”

You step inside and start following the corridor. “Well, at least it’s still lit up in here. That’s the one good thing about these old Ancient places.” You shrug, following the dim blue lighting as you progress.

The three of you follow the hallway. Faera keeps her eyes on the footprints, while Anid stays close to your tail. Before long, you reach a more open room. There’s a few old unused boxes and barrels here, but much more notable is what appears to be a collapsed wall on the opposite side. Beyond the wall, there appears to be some sort of natural cave opening.

“Huh… Well, I guess the worry that something might end up in here isn’t unfounded.” You approach the collapse. “Let’s hope that there isn’t anything though. Anid, you know anything about this cave?”

“N-no. It has been a very long time since I explored this section…” He moves closer to you, hugging onto your tail a little and peering into the dark cave. “Uuu… I-it is kind of dark in there…”

“Hm…” Faera still looks to the floor as you approach the opening. “These footprints lead to this collapse. It would seem someone has investigated this before.” She looks into the dark cavern as well. “Hm… if this leads to the surface…”


“Hold up a sec.” You interrupt her, looking at where the wall is collapsed. “Are these… tool marks?” You reach forward and touch a few marks that you can see on the wall. “This looks like marks a pick would make or something. You don’t think..?”

“Wait, you are right.” Faera nods, pointing to another set. “But… These marks are on both sides…”

“I… don’t like the sound of that.” You look down at the footprints in the dust. They seem to lead deeper into the cave…




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  1. That mouse boy has gotten pretty attached to Myla, I kinda wanna throw him a bone at the end of this.

    Let’s not stray from the path, I feel that route is a whole ‘nother adventure. Continue on, deeper into the ruins. Let’s proceed with caution, since there might be people inside the ruins.

  2. I suppose we should continue looking around. Might want to see what else is around the ruin before going farther.

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