ARPG Side Story 3-9

> Try to roll away

You quickly try to roll away from the slime to get some distance from it. However, the slippery residue on the ground makes it difficult. You do manage to get a short distance away, though now you have more of the yellow liquid on your clothes and body.

“Urgh… Damn it, what the hell even is this stuff?” You groan a bit as you try to get back up on your feet.

As you do though, you feel something wet and heavy plop down onto your butt, knocking you back to the floor quickly. Glancing back, you can see the the slime seems to have done a jump and landed directly onto you! “D-damn it..!”

Immediately, you pull out your daggers and start trying to slash at it, though the positioning is awkward. You manage to slowly start lopping off small chunks of the slime, but you can feel a tingle everywhere it touches you, as it starts attempting to absorb your clothing, and you along with it.

The gooey creature starts spreading itself up your back and down your legs, trying to engulf you completely, but you can see that it’s too small to be able to get all of you inside. You continue slashing at it as much as you can. Looking into the slime, you can see that your pants are already melting away quickly, and you feel the goo seep past your clothing and onto your bare skin.

“G-get off already..! You stupid… Ah?!” You let out a surprised gasp as you feel some of the slime suddenly push into your body, both into your rear and between your legs. “N-no..! St-stop..!” The feeling of the slime pushing into you feels incredibly strange, and frustratingly pleasurable.


You hold firm though, and keep cutting at the slime. You can see the form of it waver more and more with every strike, and before too much longer, your efforts cause the slime to no longer be able to keep it’s form, and it seems to melt away, sliding off of you.

However, most of your body is still coated in the yellow residue, and your pants are completely dissolved away. Your top has even taken a fair amount of damage from the slime. But most of all, your belly bulges out, still filled with what the slime managed to push into you. You’re not worried about getting absorbed from the inside out, as the amount shouldn’t be enough to pose that sort of risk. However, you belly is certainly making strange noises, and it definitely feels weird. “U-urgh… Th-this better not do anything w-weird to me… Fuck…”


All this struggling has worn you out somewhat, but you also realize that you haven’t heard anything from your allies…




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  1. Well now, this is interesting. I feel like we should take a second to make sure that the slime inside of us is not doing anything to us at all. You know, be safe. If nothing’s happening, then I think it’s fine to keep it inside. But, if we must remove it, I say we let out allies know what’s happening and to give us some privacy.

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