ARPG 3-22

> Investigate

After a bit of thought, you pull out a weapon and nod to the others. “Alright, let’s take a look. Carefully.” Faera nods back to you, readying her weapon as well. You turn back to Anid. “You stay behind us. If anything happens, you run like hell and go get the others, alright?”

“Y-yes.” The mouseboy nods. “I-I will do my best.”

With that, the three of you carefully make your way into the rough passage. The way is dark, but luckily, it seems like all three of you have decent enough vision to be able to see. The passage continues for quite a ways, and appears to be mostly natural, though you do occasionally see sections that look like they were widened with tools.

“It feels as though we are moving higher.” Faera notes. “Perhaps this leads to the surface..?”

“Yeah, that’s my worry.” You nod to her. “It’d be a back entrance to the village, and with those masked guys being a problem, I’d rather not have something like that.”

After several minutes, you find your way into a more open section. Looking around, you see some old barrels and crates.

“Huh… Well, this was certainly used at some point.” You note, looking around. “Looks like the path continues upwards still. Let’s take a look around here first though.”

Everyone nods and starts investigating the small room. Checking the barrels, you find them mostly empty, though it looks like they may have been used to store food at some point. You note that a few of them are broken. As a matter of fact, it does appear that something’s trashed the place.


“Myla, I found something.” Faera motions you over to what looks like a small table. The deergirl points your attention to an old book. There’s hand-written notes inside it, though your illiteracy doesn’t really make it easy to make any sense of it. “It appears to be notes of something, though I am unsure of what. It is mostly vague numbers.”

“Hm… I don’t like it.” You shake your head. “We should take that back with us. Maybe the others might have an idea what they mean. Anyway, this place is-”

You stop talking as you hear a noise from further along the cavern. “Urk… What was that?” You quietly ask as you turn to the passage.

“I am not sure…” Faera shakes her head. “It sounded like something moving?”

“U-um… Sh-should we leave?” Anid seems to be getting a bit scared.




2 thoughts on “ARPG 3-22”

  1. GTFO!!!

    Seriously though, let’s get out of here. In clear light we should be able to make out what the book says. And not to mention that with something in here, it’ll just make our lives a little more difficult.

    Also, LOVE da tubby woof~!

    And just as a though, what if we board up the entrance downstairs? You know, stop whatever is using that place from going into the mouses town?

  2. It kinda sucks that you’re probably gonna end this series soon, cause I think there was so much more in the works that we hadn’t gotten to yet. Oh well, at least you’re not quitting on the characters. Then when this is all over, we can ask for some silly stuff, like crackships XD

    Let’s not push our luck any further and leave here. I feel like we’re straying from the path. There’ll be plenty of time for exploring after we do what we need to do.

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