ARPG Side Story 3-10

> Check on the others

“Urgh… Need to find the others but…” You glance down at your exposed body covered in slimy residue. “Yeah, this is gonna be awkward.” You push down on your belly, trying to get more of the slime out, though you’re not too successful. Standing up, you shakily make your way back towards the entrance of the room, slime dripping out from between your legs as you go.


Once at the doorway, you carefully peek around the edge to see if you can spot the others. In the hallway stand both of the two guys with the door to the other room shut behind them. It looks like they were successful. Ferad has a fair amount of residue on him though, showing that he probably had a bit of trouble getting back out. Though he certainly fared better than you.

Ferad’s the first to spot you peeking around the corner. “Oh, Olivia? You alright?” He asks, looking to you. “Only two of them came in here, so I guess you guys dealt with the third one?”


You frown, hearing that. “What, you mean Gaede wasn’t helping you?” You’re still hiding behind the wall a bit, not exactly wanting to expose yourself. “Cause he sure as hell wasn’t helping me.”

“Hmph.” The grumpy cat just crosses his arms. “You’re alive. It wasn’t my idea to deal with these anyway.”

“Alive? You asshole! Thanks to you, now I’ve got new problems!” You’re starting to get angry. “The stupid thing jumped on me and destroyed my clothes! And… Urgh…” Your belly continues to feel weird with the slime sloshing around inside.

“Olivia? You alright?” Ferad steps over, past the doorway to check on you, though stops once he sees your lower half exposed and your belly full. “Wh-what the…” He blushes a little before quickly looking back to Gaede. “What the hell’s wrong with you? You just had to leave her alone in there, didn’t you?”

“… If there’s a problem, then it’s probably best if we just leave.” Gaede doesn’t seem too concerned. “This plan was your idea. If we followed my plan, we’d already be halfway back to Rotal.”

“Fuck you.” You curse at him. “We’ve gone through the trouble of getting these slimes out of the way, so we might as well check further inside.”

“Er… Olivia, you sure about that?” Ferad seems concerned. “I mean, I’m fine with going further in, but you’ve got that stuff inside you…”

“Then go on your own, if you want.” Gaede seems tired of this expedition. “I’m not risking any deeper.”

“Asshole, you haven’t risked much of anything…” You quietly grumble. Your belly continues to make some glorping and sloshing noises. You get the feeling your body is attempting to digest and absorb the slime inside you, though it certainly feels strange. You also feel weirdly very hungry, even with your belly so full…




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  1. Push forward into the unknown. Lets see what else this place has to offer. Answer if we have to, nom the cat, not the armoured man. Jean been useful for most of this time.

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