There are many dangers of the world, ranging from weak animals to powerful Megabeasts. Each danger must be dealt with in certain ways. This page will have more entries for dangers as we encounter them.

Wild Beasts

Wild beasts are any sort of animal-like creature, such as wolves, deer, rabbits, and bears. They are typically on the lower end of the dangerous scale, with many animals easily frightened away by simply travelling in a group. Some animals, such as bears, are still quite dangerous for the unprepared.


Ferals are any member of the civilized races who are wild by nature. These can be quite dangerous, but many are peaceful. They are highly unpredictable though and should be treated with caution. It is not unheard of for a feral to learn how to become civilized.

Feral Harpy

Feral Harpies are very dangerous creatures. They are very fast and can cause great damage with their sharp talons. Melee combat with them is exceedingly difficult due to their hit and run tactics, meaning that they will stay out of your reach most of the time. A skilled ranger or mage are recommended if combat cannot be avoided. Despite how dangerous they are, Harpies are curious and playful creatures. As such, so long as they do not see you as a meal or threat, they are easily befriended. One must take caution however, for Harpies are known to be quite lustful. Male Harpies tend to be more aggressive.


The undead are unfortunately present within the world as necromancy and other dark magics are known. The most common undead would be living skeletons. They are dangerous enemies, for they will revive again and again until the magic that made them rise is destroyed. When fighting the undead, find the one casting the magic as quickly as possible.

Civilized Races

Despite their civilization, many people you meet may be hostile for one reason or another. Civilized enemies are very dangerous, and you should always be prepared for them to use tactical planning against you.


Probably the most common of civilized enemies, bandits patrol the roads, looking for gold and even slaves. They can range in numbers from a single highwayman to a bandit horde. It is always suggested that if the bandit asks for gold or a “toll” to use the road, if you are not absolutely certain that you can win the fight, then you should pay them. Many bandits do not want to fight and will let you pass after robbing you. However, some want more than just gold and wish to enslave travelers to abuse or sell. Always keep your wits about you if you feel that bandits are present.


Greatbeasts are fearsome creatures that only the most skilled fighters can hope to face and survive. Dragons, griffons, and other large beasts lie within this category. The movements of greatbeasts are monitored by the three nations and warnings are usually issued if one strays too close to a populated area. If encountered, it is suggested to hide somewhere where the greatbeast cannot reach, or flee if it has not noticed you.


Megabeasts are the greatest threat in the world. The appearance of one within a populated area is considered a national emergency and the military is always called out to repel it. No megabeasts have ever been killed by the hands of the civilized races, but technology such as the barrier crystals has been developed to help ward them off. If encountered, pray.


The oceans and seas of the world are filled with seabeasts, the megabeasts of the waters. Because of this, travel via ship is rarely utilized. There are no ships yet built that can withstand an attack from a seabeast. With the advent of airships, sea travel was seen as an unnecessary risk.