Magic is a big part of Adventure RPG’s world. As such, it is fairly complex. Every magic spell is split into two parts: The Element, and the School.



Elements are fairly easy to understand. They’re your normal “Earth, Wind, Fire, Water”. The Elements in ARPG are as follows.

Flame: Element of fire and heat.

Spark: Element of wind and lightning.

Wave: Element of water and ice.

Stone: Element of earth and plants.

Divine: Element of light. It is often seen as “good” by many, due to it’s relationship with healing magic.

Occult: Element of dark. It is often seen as “evil” by many, due to it’s relationship with illegal magic like necromancy.

Raw: Non-elemental. Pure energy. Very difficult to control. It is thought that this element takes energy directly from the user’s soul.

Mind: Element of thoughts and will. While mostly considered fine, magic that completely robs someone of free will is highly illegal.



Schools are an additional classification of magic. They determine the specific use of a spell. The Schools in ARPG are as follows.

Destructive: Directly damaging spells.

Supportive: Healing and buffing spells.

Debilitating: Debuffing and indirect damage spells.

Alteration: Environmental manipulation, transformation, and illusion spells.

Utility: Non-combat spells that serve unique purposes.


Learning Magic

Magic is learned in three ways.

Spell Tomes: Tomes are a source of knowledge for specific elements. They can teach many spells, but advanced spells require other methods.

Magic Users: Skilled magic users are capable of teaching others. This is one of the best ways to learn intermediate magic.

Experimentation: A dangerous method, but you can learn, or even create, nearly any spell via this. Experimentation does require some previous knowledge of the elements used though.


Other Notes

Magic can be charged with more energy to increase it’s effect. Doing so will tire a mage out more quickly, but when used strategically, can be quite useful.

There are illegal magic types in the world. Mind Control, Necromancy, and Shapeshifting are all considered highly illegal in all regions of the world.

More may be added to this page as necessary.