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Here’s some key features of the world.

The Mainland is where most of everything is. The central mainland is mostly plains and forest. Towards the south is a large desert. The northwest is a large mountain range that stretches all the way across the landmass. North of those mountains is a expansive snowfield. To the east is more grassland and a smaller desert. West of the mainland are 2 large islands and countless smaller ones. To the southeast is a barren wasteland. South of everything is the Southland Wilds, a very dangerous region full of unknown and unexplored terrain.

There are three nations:
The Kindom of Mesai is a theocratic monarchy that covers most of the central mainland. It is made up mostly of humans, elves, and dwarves.
The Silot-Dolnor Alliance is a capitalist nation that controls the western islands and the northwestern portion of the mainland. They are a melting pot of all races.
The Grental Empire is a utilitarian dictatorship that controls the eastern portion of the mainland. They are mostly non-humans.
The Kingdom of Mesai and the Grental Empire are currently at war. The Silot-Dolnor Alliance is neutral.

All races of the world can go where they want, but certain places have harsh racism. For example, a non-human can visit and even live in the Kingdom of Mesai, but they would have to deal with quite a lot of racism as non-humans are not trusted there.

Travel is usually done on foot or by wagon on land. Long-distance travel is usually done by airships, though those only stop in major cities. Sea travel is rare due to very large and dangerous seabeasts.